Take the Throne With FATEplay

April 9th, 2014

FATEplay has a new Game of Thrones themed release today with two new dresses and an outfit for men, read on for details!

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

FATEplay - Lena - Ruby2FATEplay - Lena - FATEpack2

“Lena” is a dress fit for a Queen Regent to rule in, with embroidered detailing around the cuffs and neck. Materials enhanced for that silky smooth effect.


  FATEplay - Nick - Original2FATEplay - Nick - FATEpack2

“Nick” is a medium light combat outfit perfect for slaying kings and lords alike. The gloves are optional and can even be worn alone with other outfits.

   FATEplay - Dany - Aquamarine2FATEplay - Dany - FATEpack_FP2

“Dany” is a more simple cross heart dress with an optional cloak for additional flair. More colours available at the We <3 RP event!

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

FATEwear Brings the Spring!

March 20th, 2014


Today marks the first day of spring, a big day for wardrobes around the real and virtual worlds as we look for something a little lighter and brighter to wear now that the sun has returned. FATEwear is happy to oblige with this huge release of short sleeves shirts, thin sweaters, bright popping denims and three new shorts. You are sure to find something you like!

Click the thumbnails below to enlarge. Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Tuco - All Colours Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Tuco - LondonBlog-FATEwear Shirt - Todd - DeepRetba

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Todd - All Colours

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Mike - All ColoursBlog-FATEwear Shirt - Mike - LagoonBlog-FATEwear Shirt - Flynn - Volcano

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Flynn - All Colours

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Jesse - All Colours

Blog-FATEwear Shirt - Walt - All Colours

Blog-FATEwear Jacket - Denny - All Colours

Blog-FATEwear Shorts - Hugo - All Colours Blog-FATEwear Shorts - Hector - All Colours Blog-FATEwear Shorts - Gus - All Colours  Blog-FATEwear Jeans - Saul - All Colours

Also new today, coldLogic has an equally large Spring fashion line for the lady in your life. Check it out!


FATEwear & FATEplay Winter Sale 2014

February 28th, 2014

FATEwear Winter Sale 2014_BlogHere’s another reason to be happy on a Friday, FATEwear and FATEplay is hosting a 50% sale that starts NOW and ends on Monday March 10th, come on down and grab yourself some high quality mesh apparel. Sale takes place in the main store location only.

Don’t Get Bitten

February 12th, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Last week saw the return of one of my favourite shows, The Walking Dead, and to celebrate I’ve put together some TWD themed outfits for the survivalist in you.

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

blogFATEplay - Danai - Original“Danai” rocks a short leather vest look and comes with an optional cloak.

blogFATEplay - Reed - FATEpack“Reed” has a multi layered look with a shirt, denim jacket and leather vest sporting an angel wing design on the back.


blogFATEplay - Morris - FATEpack“Morris” combines a quilted vest and shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

New Jacket and Pants @ FATEwear!

January 27th, 2014

Happy Wednesday! FATEwear has two new items to add to your wardrobe today, read on for details :) Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

BLOG-FATEwear Jacket - Kyle - Claypit BLOG-FATEwear Jacket - Kyle - FATEpack The “Kyle” jacket really pops with materials giving it a reflective look. This puffer style jacket can be worn open or closed, with or without the included shirt for that layered look.
BLOG-FATEwear Pants - Peter - FATEpackThe corduroy “Peter” pants go great with anything, with three different waist heights to suit your styling preferences. They also work with the “Billy” belt released last year!

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

Welcome to 2014.

January 8th, 2014

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had an awesome holiday season – I know I did :)

FATEwear Suit - Dave - FATEpack
FATEwear is kicking off the new year with a new suit ensemble, comes complete with the shirt, tie, blazer, pants and overcoat. Check out the FATEpack version for the most versatile colouring options. Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

Pyjamas for Boys and Girls @ FATEwear

December 9th, 2013

I don’t know how anyone can get by without pyjamas during Winter, they certainly make all the difference!

Here are some snuggly pyjamas from FATEwear, with optional hood and tail that can be worn by avatars of any gender or age, enjoy :)

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.


Also, with the festive season upon us I will be mostly unavailable from now until the new year, I hope you all have an awesome holiday!

Available in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

FATEwear, FATEplay & coldLogic 48hr Sale!

December 2nd, 2013


Happy Monday! FATEwear, FATEplay and coldLogic are having a 48hr 50% sale event at our mainstore locations. The sale begins Monday December 2nd and lasts until Wednesday 4th. Enjoy!

FATEplay Loves Geeks ‘n’ Nerds

November 24th, 2013



FATEplay is excited to take part in the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event with a range of Doctor Who themed outfits. Each outfit is materials enhanced and comes in a few colour variations matching different looks seen on the show. Visit the event to find these outfits and more! (opens Sunday 24th November)

blogFATEplay - David - FATEpack“David” is an outfit matching the most iconic looks of the Tenth Doctor, with a long trench and loose fitting suit.

blogFATEplay - Billie - FATEpack “Billie” features a slightly fastened jacket over an iconic tee, paired with snug jeans.

blogFATEplay - Matt - FATEpack “Matt” is the Eleventh Doctor, with trademark bowtie and suspenders. The blazer is optional.

blogFATEplay - Karen - FATEpack“Karen” is the main companion for Matt and sports a layered shirt and jacket look with a denim mini skirt.

I hope you enjoy these offerings! Visit the event to find these outfits and more!

Pinstripe Suits and Birthday Bears

November 6th, 2013

Every man needs a suit, whether it’s for a hot date, business or just to look sharp – no wardrobe is complete without one. FATEwear already has a few suits, including the very popular Edward suit, but one request I get more often than others is a pinstriped suit. Well, I am happy to oblige with the Norton suit released today.

blog-FATEwear Suit - FATEpackEach suit has four pant options, two style of pants that are either ‘stiff’ or ‘loose’ for less or more wrinkles, and also each of those versions has a ‘pocket’ option, which extends the left pocket outwards to make room for your hand. Pair this option with the ‘pocket shirt or blazer option and the included ‘hand in pocket’ animation for the best results.

Additionally, each wear style includes a specially scripted shirt and tie which work with the FATEwear HUD to provide 16 different colour options for each item, further increasing the customiseability of your look. In the mainstore and on the marketplace you can find this incredibly comprehensive and customiseable suit available in a huge range of colours and wear styles, read on for details :)

blog-FATEwear Suit - Norton - AB VoidFor the classic three piece suit look, styles A and B are the place to start. Layered jacket and waistcoat over a smart button down shirt and tie combination is great for the most formal of events.

blog-FATEwear Suit - Norton - CD CraterLosing the waistcoat, styles C and D are more relaxed feeling without losing the sharp appearance.

blogFATEwear Suit - Norton - EFG ClaypitOff comes the blazer, which is still available as an over-the-shoulder attachment complete with animation, styles E , F and G are great for more casual affairs.

All items available in Second Life and online at the marketplace.    MarketplaceAlso, today is my TENTH SL Birthday, can you believe it? To celebrate I have updated my free friendship bear to include materials and a resize script, enjoy!