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FATE Hand Poser UPDATED! Version 2.5 Now Available (Free Update)

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

FATE Hand Poser HUD has been updated to version 2.5. Available now on the marketplace, or as a free update (just visit the redelivery terminal at the main store)

  • A new twist slider added to thumb’s second joint for better Maitreya support
  • Improved minimised appearance
  • Transfer Preset framework added
  • Minor additional improvements

If you are unfamiliar with the FATE Hand Poser HUD then check out this quick demonstration video for version 1.

Available now on the marketplace!

FATE Hand Poser UPDATED! Version 2.0 Now Available (Free Update)

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Hello and welcome to the FATE Hand Poser v2.0

If you are unfamiliar with the FATE Hand Poser HUD then check out this quick demonstration video for version 1.0. New to version 2.0 is the ability to create your own custom AO using presets, puppeteer other avatars, many more animations, preset slots and UI improvements!

This HUD requires Bento enabled hands to work.

Step 1. Wear the FATE Hand Poser HUD

Step 2. Simply click and drag sliders on the HUD to pose them


1. Save Your Pose
To save your current finger poses simply click the ‘save’ button on any of the presets. Click the preset button to apply it in the future.

2. Puppeteer
You can now animate other avatar’s hands, this is great for photographers with multiple avatars to pose. Simply click the Puppeteer button and select a nearby avatar. That avatar will need to accept animation permissions and also be wearing bento enabled hands.

3. AO
You can now use your FATE Hand Poser HUD as a custom bento hand animation override. Click the ‘AO Settings’ button and click ‘LIST’ on the popup menu to configure which preset poses are used in the AO. Your avatar will switch to a random pose in this list during random intervals (as long as the HUD is attached).

4. Minimise/Maximise
The FATE Hand Poser HUD now has more UI control, allowing a full minimise and maximise of the HUD, Hand Controllers or Presets Panels individually to allow for greater visibility, you can also scale the HUD to your own preferences using the build tools.

For best results, disable any built in AO for your bento hands through their HUD or by manually stopping your animations.

Available now on the marketplace!

FATEplay Lanne Cloak – Animated with Bento

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Available now on the marketplace!

This cloak is Bento enabled – meaning it actually animates when using the included animator to flow gently with the wind while standing or flap behind you as you walk.

Further to moving how a cloak really should, you can customise this cloak to a high degree with several built in textures and a colour wheel which can be used to colour individual parts of the cloak easily with the included HUD.

You can even apply a sigil or other texture on top of the existing cloak with a transparent layer. 2016-07-11-18-53-42

Available now on the marketplace!

FATE Hand Poser – Now Available to Pose Your Bento Enabled Hands!

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Hello and welcome to the FATE Hand Poser!

An unfortunate reality of hands in Second Life is that for too long they have been limited to just a couple of built in poses which can cause issues for great photography or interacting with objects in a realistic manner.

With this in mind I created this Hand Poser HUD to provide a simple and intuitive interface for posing your Bento enabled hands in a position that works best for your needs.

This HUD requires Bento enabled hands to work.

Step 1. Wear the FATE Hand Poser HUD

Step 2. Simply click and drag sliders on the HUD to pose them

Step 3. If you like, you can save your pose by clicking SAVE

Step 4. You can apply a preset by clicking the preset button.

You can show/hide either hand on the HUD to minimise screen clutter, you can also use this technique to apply presets to just one of the two hands for more mix and match possibilities.

Available now on the marketplace!

GO Play @ Geeks N Nerds

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016



Geeks N Nerds is here once again and FATEplay is very excited to be taking part. We have created a “Pokemon GO” inspired trainer outfit which is fully customisable via an intuitive HUD. Dress yourself in whatever team colours you like, Valor – Mystic – Instinct or any combination for a truly unique appearance.

Each outfit comes in multiple sizes with optional parts such as the backpack, legging/pants and shirt/dress. Now GO and be the very best!

Check them out!fateplay-go-play-female-scripted


First Ever 50% Sale on FATEeyes + More!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016


With over 18,000 units sold and a solid 5 star rating on the marketplace, the FATEeyes, FATElashes and FATE eye poser HUD allow incredible customisation for your face with over 250 billion combinations of texture, style and colour.  These items have never been on sale before so be sure to catch them before the sale ends on September 29th, 2016. Marketplace only!

FATEplay – Animated Wings Template

Monday, September 12th, 2016

The Bento project has come to Second Life, adding new skeletal bones that mesh can be rigged to and animated. Using these new features FATEplay has created brand new animated wings for you to enjoy! Get ready for Bento and make your own textures to sell.

The Animated Wings Template is a great base for your own custom wing textures, fully animated for flying and walking you can add that extra touch of fantasy to your avatar. Included in the package is an applier that you can use to sell your own textures for this item. See video the video for more information.

These are Bento enabled items so you must be using a Bento enabled viewer to view them properly. Stay tuned for more products from FATE that utilise these new Second Life features.

Available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location. Enjoy :)




Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016


Smoother models. Higher detail. More realistic. Each FATEstep shoe has been meticulously renovated to provide a much smoother look. Much like FATEeyes and FATElashes, FATEstep provides an incredible level of customisation, with dozens of textures, colour wheels and preset slots for truly individualised styles that you can create.

This update is completely free. Step up to the redelivery terminal to receive yours.

Also, FATEstep is currently part of the Summer Sale event, so if you’ve never tried FATEstep shoes before, this is the best time to check it out!


Summer Sale Begins! All Items Across 2 Regions & Many Stores!

Monday, June 20th, 2016


Summer is finally here and our two region family of stores is celebrating with a 14 day 50% off sale! Enjoy discounts on popular brands: Neve, FATE, jane, [tomboi], Goji and Raspberry for a limited time.

Sales apply to in world locations only, check out our neighboring stores for similar amazing deals!

FATElashes v2.0 Update Now Available!

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

FATElashes have just been updated to version 2.0, here are the new features:

  • Over 100 more textures added
  • Mask mode enabled, control the mask cutoff
  • Eyelash alpha layer now included

Visit the redelivery terminal on FATEisland to receive a free update (if the update script in your HUD isn’t working)

The FATElashes provide limitless customisation and a perfect fit for your eyelash requirements.

The built in fitting system automatically mirrors changes, or use the build tool and reflect your fit from the left to right eye.

Change the length, colour, texture, fade, glow, alpha, mask and more with simple sliders on an intuitive HUD

Save your favourite lashes in the presets tab!

Purchase today and receive free updates.