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FATEwear – Remaster Project

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Some of you may be aware of recent developments with the Second Life viewer that now enable the use of normal and specular mapping on objects in SL. If you don’t know what that means you can watch this handy little video by Torley Linden, read a quick interview with myself, or for a quick visual look at the image below for a before + after look at what realism material shaders add to objects in SL.


Obviously, some of the more popular items at FATEwear (especially the leather ones!) would benefit greatly from these shaders, but I would like your opinion on what you would most like to see from the existing FATEwear product line remastered with materials.  Please submit the form below with your anwers. Thank you!

Damien Fate’s Big Fat RETIREMENT SALE!

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

I’ve been hit with the Spring Cleaning bug and have made the hard decision to retire some of my old – but still good – products that currently reside only on my marketplace store and taking up space! I have been in Second Life for 9.5 years and have been creating content since day 1.

Most of the old stuff has already been removed, but there are some products that I feel deserve a last ‘hurrah!’ before drifting away into the matrix beyond. Read on for details!


This sale runs on til April 16th and includes the following brands and products:

Loco Pocos (tiny animal avatars): Established in 2008, Loco Pocos brought a huge range of tiny animal avatars that were fully animated, scripted and accompanied by a right region of stories, adventures and hidden prizes. 70% off the entire line! Search my store for “Loco Pocos”Loco Pocos video by Sasy Scarborough

Poco Pals (plush animal toys): Loco Pocos were such a big hit that ‘normal’ sized avatars wanted to take part too, thus Poco Pals was born in 2009, bringing all the functionality of the Loco Pocos avatar, wearable as a plushie toy. 70% off the entire line! Search my store for “Poco Pals”Poco Pals demo video

Random Crap: Starting out as a repository for my self-created machinima props and turning into a full permission sculpt kit store in 2010 providing kits that covered the major seasons and popular trends. 70% off entire line! Search my store for “randomcrap”

Mirada: As far back as 2004 I teamed up with my now wife Washu Zebrastripe and Mirada was born, home to many of my early products such as the smartHUD* and the Alternate Reality Chamber (ARC). Mirada has had a very long life! 90% off! smartHUD demo videoARC demo video

*The mirada smartHUD will still be available after the sale.

Friendship Bear Birthday Reimagining

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Back on November 6th, 2003, I registered an account for an unknown game “Second Life” with less than 1,000 users at the time. I was immediately met by some helpful residents and shown the ropes. I was most interested in building, and so I created my first object in SL – the “Friendship Bear”. I made it to thank those who helped me find my way, and passed it freely to everyone I knew and met as a token of friendship.

This was 9 years ago, full permissions were pretty much default and so the friendship bear spread like wildfire throughout Second Life, bringing happiness and joy to many; it even showed up in all kinds of strange products, builds and even art installations by Starax Statosky.

Today I celebrate my 9 year ‘rezday’ as a Second Life community member, and I couldn’t think of a better way to thank everyone who has continued to make my stay pleasant than to revisit the classic Friendship Bear and bring him to the current decade.

You can find the bear at FATEisland, and on the Marketplace FOR FREE. This bear comes with copy and transfer permissions, ready to spread across the grid once more. You can wear the bear, or place it out as a decoration for only 1 land impact (1 prim cost).

Here’s to 9 more years, enjoy!

-Damien Fate.

FATEcreate Mesh Template Source Files

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Yesterday I announced that the FATEcreate templates would be removed from sale, along with my reasoning behind that decision.

Today, I am happy to announce that you can download the source files to many of the FATEcreate mesh templates, for free, right here. Just a couple of notes first:

– These files are NOT to be resold as mesh template resources, either as a pack or individually.
– These files CAN be modified and textured for use (and sale) in Second Life (or any OpenSim grid) as limited permission clothing only (again, NOT as templates).
– You can redistribute the .zip files as long as they remain intact, are free to obtain, and credit the original creator “Damien Fate”.

I will not be providing support for these files, as stated previously they are older files and not perfect, but they are a great starting point and learning tool for those still trying to wrap their head around mesh in Second Life.

I hope you enjoy them :) File mirrors greatly appreciated, let me know if you host these elsewhere and I will update this post.

Female Mesh Template Files

Mirror 1  (thanks Alexis Stapovic)
Mirror 2 (thanks Aliceann Alter)

Male Mesh Template Files
Mirror 1 (thanks Alexis Stapovic)
Mirror 2 (thanks Aliceann Alter)

Shadow maps, Alpha textures and UV guides can be found at

I cannot offer support or tutorials on how to use these files. For information on uploading mesh to Second Life, see here. For information on how to use your 3D program of choice, see Google :)

FATEcreate Mesh templates – Closing Down

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

My “FATEcreate” mesh templates have been available for over a year now. I spent months before mesh went live on the grid working on creating something that would help people embrace mesh, without really knowing what people would truly need from mesh clothing¬† I settled upon two sizes that I made up myself. For women there was ‘average’ and ‘curvy’. For guys there was ‘average’ and ‘muscular’.

Not too long after I launched FATEcreate I moved on to doing clothing with coldLogic and pretty much abandoned mesh templates. By that time the residents of SL were more clear in what they wanted, we had a ‘standard sizing initiative’ – controversial as it may be, it a godsend for me. I could create items that had a wider appeal and fit more people than my silly two-size-only versions.

Later in the year we got the male standard sizes, which came just in time for me to start up the FATEwear project again. There was much learned over the year, and while FATEcreate templates were still available (and later much reduced in price), I feel they no longer live up to the standard of mesh. In my opinion, they probably do more harm than good now, given how much all mesh creators have progressed with modeling, rigging and especially in the sizing department.

In conclusion, I will not be FATEcreate mesh templates for sale anymore. Fashion moves quickly and they definitely look aged. So I will be phasing them out shortly.



FATEwear Photo Contest Winner(s)!

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Two weeks ago I announced the FATEwear Photo Competition which offered you the chance to win the entire FATEwear launch line of mesh clothing for men. Well, the deadline has arrived, the judges have scoured over the amazing collection of pictures on the FATEdesign flickr group and together we have come up with a winner.

Congratulations to Dylan Rickenbacker for this fantastically inspired picture featuring the free Carter outfit available to subscribers. Check out his awesome entry below.

The judging process was NOT easy, and we felt the following runners up were also deserving of a prize. Congratulations (in order) to Ty Kyger, Peterkes Beaton and Alex1985 Diabolito – you each receive a selection of FATEwear items! :)

Thank you to everyone who entered. FATEwear launches tonight at midnight SLT – hope to see you there!!

FATEwear Launches September 8th

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

It has been a long time coming, but I am proud to say that FATEwear will launch on September 8th, 2012.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming mesh menswear line, our competition and other information. If you wish to sign up for the subscription group you can still do so at coldLogic as FATEisland will be closed for renovations.

FATEwear Photo Competition

Monday, August 27th, 2012

To help promote the upcoming FATEwear launch and to give one of you lucky fellows a huge gift, I’d like to announce the FATEwear Photo Competition.

The rules are simple, grab the FATEwear Subscription Gift “Carter” outfit from FATEisland take some photos of the outfit and submit them to the official FATEdesign Flickr group, and whichever photographer’s image is picked will receive the entire launch collection – and that is a LOT of items!

Looking forward to seeing your entries, good luck!

FATEisland Open to Public

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

It’s taken a lot of effort, but I am extremely happy to say that FATEisland can now be visited by everyone!

FATEisland will be the new home for my upcoming store – FATEwear – mesh fashion for men, and the new home for old favourites FATEbecome and FATEcreate, and maybe more :)

Be sure to subscribe to the FATEdesign subscription kiosk and receive a little taste of FATEwear to come.

Stay tuned for more info :D

TenFifteen is Closing Down

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

It has been a good run these past 2 years, but it is time to move on to bigger and better thing. The region, “TenFifteen”, along with the mainstore TenFifteen will be closing down. This includes the inworld location for Savoir Hair and Smart.

FATEcreate (mesh templates) and FATEbecome (mesh avatars) will be moving to FATEisland in the coming months to join one an upcoming new venture.

Visit TenFifteen before it closes!