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New Delicious FATEeyes Portraits by Strawberry Singh!

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Strawberry Singh may just become my official photographer for future products, she is FANTASTIC. Take a look at the following portraits created by her featuring FATEeyes :)

A Closer Look at FATEeyes 2.0, by Washu Zebrastripe

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Thanks, Washu for creating this video! You can learn more about FATEeyes here :)

UPDATE: FATEeyes v2.0

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

FATEeyes, the infinitely customisable mesh eye has received an enormous update, bringing it to version 2.0

Below is a quick changelog for version 2.0, enjoy!

– HUD has been rearranged for easier use.
– Eyes now have a more complete spherical shape, which will help make them more compatible with a wider variety of avatars.
– Added a new layer, ‘iris edge’. It has no texture options, but can be tinted and the alpha can be changed to add extra colour to your iris.
– Added a new layer, ‘effects’. Lots of extra options in here, like tears, blood and circuitry.
– Increased the texture options from 45 to 288 (48 for each eye part!) which also increased the possible combinations from 34,992 to a crazy
12,230,590,464 (not including colour variations!)
– Added tabs to the texture options part of the HUD, including ‘custom’
– Added ability to create your own custom textures in the custom tab for each eye part.
– You can now hide or show the HUD using the the hide button and then clicking on the FATEdesign logo to show again. Though the HUD is very
high on script count so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to largely populated areas.
– Added a preview icon for saved eye presets.
– Added ability to freeze eyes by themselves, great for photos.
– Added ability to rotate eyes to any direction you like!
– Added rotation buttons to texture properties.
– You can now view the current RGB vector.
– The built in presets no longer rescale your eyes :)
– Fixed an issue with saving cat/goat eyes not changing the pupil dilation
mode correctly.
– Fixed an issue with the full bright and shine buttons being mixed up :-/

Purchase today and receive free updates, I plan to expand on this product :)

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing this video, though please note it is outdated now!

UPDATE: FATEeyes v1.2 + How2: Freeze Your SL Eyes

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The response to the recent release of FATEeyes has been truly astounding, and I am truly enjoying developing the product to make it the best it can be, for you!

One small addition to version 1.2 is a new ‘Stand Still’ animation that now freezes the eye animation, so no more looking left or right when you’re using the HUD. That annoying SL bug has been squished! How did I do that? Read on…

I hope you enjoy this update, you should receive it automatically by wearing the HUD, you can force the update when the HUD is worn by saying ‘/12 update’.

So, those of you who follow me on Plurk may have seen me battle over the past couple of days, trying to figure out how to animate the eyes in Second Life. They said it couldn’t be done, but I knew, somehow, it could – for I had seen such animations before.

Now, information on how to do this was INCREDIBLY hard to come by, it’s almost as if those who knew how to do it disappeared. Well, here’s hoping I don’t disappear because I’m about to lift the veil on this little secret.

Here is a nice and simple BVH file that you can upload to SL and use it to freeze your eye rotations to a straight forward look. Be sure to upload it as priority 3 or higher for it to work (and loop the animation!). Once it is uploaded you can play it to see that your eyes no longer move, stop playing it to resume normal wandering eye syndrome.

Those of you willing to look deeper, go ahead and open the BVH file in a text editor of some kind, notepad is just fine. Go on, take a look and then come back………… Isn’t that simple? Why isn’t this out there more?

So you’ll see, at the very bottom of the text, underneath the number of frames and frame time, a whole bunch of numbers.  Each line is a different frame, so we have two lines of numbers here. The first 6 numbers control the hip, you don’t need to touch those. The following two sets of three numbers control the X, Z and Y rotations of the eyeball. The first line we should keep at zeros, but feel free to experiment with the second line, save the BVH file and upload.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add many more lines and frames to the animation to make your own eye gestures.


FATEeyes Portraits by Strawberry Singh

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I’d like to share some amazing portraits done by Strawberry Singh that show some of the awesome things you can do with FATEeyes!

(read more about FATEeyes here)

You can really see the details of the eyes in the following image :D

Displayed here are just a small fraction of what you can do with the FATEeyes system, try the demo today :)

FATEeyes – petite edition

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Quick update here, a new version of FATEeyes made specifically to fit petite avatars out of the box has been released. The normal FATEeyes product also fits petite avatars, but this will save a little time. ENJOY!

MMM12 Early Entry Press Application

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012



March 1st is rapidly approaching for the March Mesh Madness event, it’s time to start spreading the word!

To help with this, I am looking for bloggers to promote the event, in return you will get early access to the event.

To apply for early entry fill and submit the form at the bottom of the page and download the MMM12 Press Pack.

To qualify for early entry, your blog must publish a post containing the following information:
– One of the campaign posters, at a size of your choosing (you may resize to fit specific blog requirements)
– In addition to the poster, the name, date and location of the event should be written in text.
– The location of the event should be a SLURL link,
– (optional) Participant list

Once your blog post has been published, please notify Damien Fate and you will be added to a list of pre-launch press and given access to the island at least one day before the event launches (even earlier if everything is ready!)

Is it also expected that you will publish at least one more blog post launch day (March 1st, 2012) featuring either item(s) found at the event, or reminding people of the event’s actual launch.

Thanks again :)

-Damien Fate.


coldLogic is open!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hi everyone! I am very happy to announce that my joint venture with Janie Marlowe and Zyrra Falcone – coldLogic – has launched!

Visit us in world today, or take a trip to the marketplace to see what we have to offer!

March Mesh Madness 2012

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Mesh has been in Second Life for 4 months now, there are hundreds of amazing designers bringing everything from mesh clothing to mesh vehicles and pets. Mesh allows for a greater variety and professional finish in content than any other building tool that came before it, and it’s time we showed SL what mesh is made of!

Today I am announcing 2012’s March Mesh Madness event to take place in Second Life, March 1st, 2012. The event will run for 2 weeks and include as many mesh designers and creations as we can fit into one sim. All are welcome to apply, big or small, professional or hobbyist, if you share the same passion for mesh and want to help promote this wonderful addition to Second Life then I want you there!

The MMM12 event will be as simple and relaxed as possible, a nominal entry fee will be charged for all participants to set up prior to opening day and a store area will be provided. There will be no charity involved, no split fee charges, all proceeds will be going to the maintenance fees for the island during the event and setup period.

Spaces are VERY limited with just one sim for the event, so please if you are interested in applying, read the Terms and Application page today and get your application in fast. This is a first come, first served event so don’t delay!

Successful applicants will receive around 500-1000 prims and around 1024sqm area of store space, depending on how many entrants there are.

Hope to see you there :)


Damien Fate.

Announcing: coldLogic – coming soon! Grab a free dress today!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

coldLogic is a new revolution in mesh clothing for Second Life from the minds of Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe & Zyrra Falcone! Coming in February.

Sign up to the subscribo today to receive a free copy of our Winter Dress. Stay tuned!