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New Release: FATEeyes by FATEdesign

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Hello and thank you for checking out FATEeyes, a new revolution in eye customisation for avatars of any size.

Eyes are important to our avatars, just as much as clothes, skin, hair and our shapes. With FATEeyes I wanted to create a product that would allow a user of SL to create their own custom eyes without needing knowledge of any 2D or 3D programs. I believe I have accomplished this mission!

FATEeyes are mesh eyes that have been built to mimic reality, with an iris and pupil that do not point outwards like regular SL eyes. The pupil actually dilates and contracts like a real eye too!

FATEeyes customiseable in 5 main areas. The iris, pupil, sclera, veins and shine effect.

Each part of the eye can be easily tinted through a colour wheel HUD, alongside many other features such as transparancy, glow, shine and the scale of the texture.

Not only that, but there are up to 12 different texture options per eye part, so you can really customise it to a fine level.

To encourage creativity, FATEeyes provide up to 6 custom preset slots for you to save your creations and toggle through them at will. Everything from colour to size is saved in the intuitive HUD.

This product also easily facilitates heterochromia fanatics :D

Purchase today and receive free updates, I plan to expand on this product :)

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing a video demonstration of some of the features :)