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UPDATE: FATEeyes v1.1

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The response to yesterday’s release of FATEeyes has been truly astounding. I have now a huge list of requested features, but more on that later.

I have a quick update to announce: Different iris sizes! You can now choose from three iris sizes, one smaller and one larger than the original size.

Along with this update are a couple of slight bug fixes related to heterochromia setups. All fixed now :)

As for the next update in a couple of weeks, here are a few features I plan to include:

– many more texture options for each part of the eye (especially veins)
– custom eye textures
– ability to share your presets
– texture rotation
– freeze eye movement for ‘stand still’ mode
– possible outer iris tint option (depends on how well SL lets me layer those alphas!)

I hope you enjoy this update, you should receive it automatically by wearing the HUD, you can force the update when the HUD is worn by saying ‘/12 update’.

Purchase today and receive free updates, I plan to expand on this product :)

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing a video demonstration of some of the features :)