New Suit for a New Year

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FATEwear is back from vacation and ready to delight with a stunning new suit ensemble that has 7 different looks (show below in several colours)! All available now at the main store location and at the marketplace.


The FATEwear Edward suit is an incredibly comprehensive collection of individual attachments that allow you to create your ideal professional look. Each ‘look’ has been individually packaged, seven in all ranging from (A) to (G) for easier construction.

Each suit has four pant options, two style of pants that are either ‘stiff’ or ‘loose’ for less or more wrinkles, and also each of those versions has a ‘pocket’ option, which extends the left pocket outwards to make room for your hand. Pair this option with the ‘pocket shirt or blazer option and the included ‘hand in pocket’ animation for the best results.

Different coloured parts from other ‘looks’ matching the same letter in the Edward set are interchangeable, so you can mix and match your style. There are also several extra shirt and tie options available nearby in the mainstore (or if you purchased this suit online you can search the store for ‘Edward’ to find the other parts)..

Also available in store are 16 extra tie options and 7 extra shirt colours. Check them out!


All available now at the main store location and later at the marketplace.

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