Damien Fate’s Big Fat RETIREMENT SALE!

I’ve been hit with the Spring Cleaning bug and have made the hard decision to retire some of my old – but still good – products that currently reside only on my marketplace store and taking up space! I have been in Second Life for 9.5 years and have been creating content since day 1.

Most of the old stuff has already been removed, but there are some products that I feel deserve a last ‘hurrah!’ before drifting away into the matrix beyond. Read on for details!


This sale runs on til April 16th and includes the following brands and products:

Loco Pocos (tiny animal avatars): Established in 2008, Loco Pocos brought a huge range of tiny animal avatars that were fully animated, scripted and accompanied by a right region of stories, adventures and hidden prizes. 70% off the entire line! Search my store for “Loco Pocos”Loco Pocos video by Sasy Scarborough

Poco Pals (plush animal toys): Loco Pocos were such a big hit that ‘normal’ sized avatars wanted to take part too, thus Poco Pals was born in 2009, bringing all the functionality of the Loco Pocos avatar, wearable as a plushie toy. 70% off the entire line! Search my store for “Poco Pals”Poco Pals demo video

Random Crap: Starting out as a repository for my self-created machinima props and turning into a full permission sculpt kit store in 2010 providing kits that covered the major seasons and popular trends. 70% off entire line! Search my store for “randomcrap”

Mirada: As far back as 2004 I teamed up with my now wife Washu Zebrastripe and Mirada was born, home to many of my early products such as the smartHUD* and the Alternate Reality Chamber (ARC). Mirada has had a very long life! 90% off! smartHUD demo videoARC demo video

*The mirada smartHUD will still be available after the sale.

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