FATEplay: Back to School of Magic Release!

It’s that time of year where all the kids are getting ready to go back to school, some are heading to school for the first time ever, others are on their way to the final year of eduction, and some very special students are on their way to something a little more magical…

This FATEplay release is all about magical students with outfits that are based on Harry Potter and some heavy Sailor Moon influences, read on for more details! All available at the mainstore location and the online marketplace.

Blog_FATEplay - Henry - Gryffindor Black
Blog_FATEpack - Henry

“Henry” is your typical student at your nearest magical education center, some days Henry is a little unruly and will untuck his shirt and tie, both looks are optional. There is a cloaked version included that matches the colours of your chosen house. Don’t forget to try the wand, though I wouldn’t recommend casting Incendio for first years [demo link]

Blog_FATEplay - Jenny - Gryffindor Black
Blog_FATEpack - Jenny

“Jenny” is probably the only reason Henry is still kicking, more than once she has doused him with water when his fire spell goes wrong. Jenny comes with cardigan, two shirts, two ties, skirt and even some high socks. Be sure to keep the fireball spewing wand nearby, it may come in handy! [demo link]

Blog_FATEplay - Rena - Love
Blog_FATEpack - Rena

“Rena” is a magically transformed student from Japan, with an incredibly cute sailor fuku and matching wands for either of the shirt styles you choose. Win love by daylight with your Heart Spiral attack! [demo link]

Blog_FATEplay - Rien - Justice
Blog_FATEpack - Rien

“Rien” is duty bound to protect Rena at all costs, armed with a large staff that casts a lightening blast and a uniform with magic woven in every stitch, Rien even chooses colours to match Rena whenever he can – what a sidekick! [demo link]

All available at the mainstore location and the online marketplace. Enjoy!

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