Fall Fashion Arrives at FATEwear – and More!

What can I say? It’s been a while, but I hadn’t forgotten about you. In fact, I’ve spent an entire month putting together the largest release to date.

Fall is here and with it brings this massive collection for the guys at FATEwear, read on for more info on this huge Fall fashion lineup! All items available in Second Life and online at the marketplace.

FATEpack_Shirt_Matthew“Matthew” is a very stylishly cut button down shirt with a funky polka dot design.

FATEpack_Shirt_Anthony“Anthony tones down the volume and provides a classic plain look that goes with anything.

FATEpack_Shirt_Gordon“Gordon” brings a ribbed waistcoat to the mix, the patterned shirt really makes this item pop.

FATEwear Shirt - Neville - LondonFATEwear_Shirt_Neville“Neville” is a versatile sweater vest, shirt and tie combination that can be mixed and matched however you like.

FATEwear Shirt - Longly - VoidFATEpack_Shirt_Longly“Longly” is a fun diamond crossed twist on a classic sweater vest look. The tie is optional.

FATEwear Coat - Fergy - DesertFATEwear_Coat_Fergy“Fergy” is a new take on last month’s popular “Dante” coat, forgoing the leather for a more subtle cloth approach. The coat can be worn open or closed, with or without the shirt and tie.

You may have noticed that there are some new jeans highlighted in the above product photos, you are not wrong! Continue onwards for pictures and info on our brand new line of “Billy” jeans.


These jeans come with three different hip heights, so you can wear them high or as low as you like! Not only that, but they’re materials enhanced (as all FATEwear items are now), so even the smallest details are bursting with life.

FATEpack_Belt_BillyClothTo finish off the jean collection we have the first of what will surely be many accessories to customise the jean of your choice, this belt will work with any and all of the “Billy” jeans, and at just L$200 for all 16 colours – it’s a steal!

All items available in Second Life and online at the marketplace.

Last but not least, I bet you’re all waiting to hear who won the FATEwear photo competition and prize drawing? Well wait no longer. Here we go…

Waiting out the rain by Bronwen Llewelyn_BlogThe winner is: “Waiting out in the rain” by Bronwen Llewelyn. Congratulations, Bronwen, you have netted yourself the entire FATEwear collection for the next year, including this Fall release!

There were, however, so many amazing entries that I simply couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t offer a consolation prize to the following two entries, who each won a copy of the FATEwear fall release. Congratulations!

Reverie by Chaddi Masala_Blog“Reverie” by Chaddi Masala

Act1Scene1 by Veritable Magic_blog“Act1Scene1” by Veritable Magic

Not only that, but I held a prize drawing for those who weren’t able to participate in the photo competition. A name was drawn at random from all the likes the FATEwear page had on Facebook and Armani Sparta was the lucky winner. Congratulations!

As if this post wasn’t long enough, my collaborative effort womenswear store ‘coldLogic’ has an equally large Fall fashion release today, see the image below and click through for more awesome details.


That’s all for this huge release, thanks for sticking it out through this huge post. Enjoy!

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