FATEplay Celebrates the Wizarding Faire

FATEplay is incredibly happy to take part in the new Wizarding Faire event, hosted by Mischief Managed – the biggest Harry Potter themed roleplay community in Second Life – with the following range of new items to scratch your Hogwarts itch!

blogFATEplay - Donald - Black “Donald” is a completely new school uniform fit for any magical education center, featuring a sweater vest that can be worn two ways, with ties for every alignment and a black robe that fit perfectly together. Included is a wand that casts a visual Aguamenti attack.

blogFATEplay - DrakeBellaThe “Drake” and “Bella” robes are a great addition to your FATEplay school uniforms, this time with the hood up to conceal your identity when you are out being up to no good at night.

blogFATEplay - Evans - Eagle“Evans” is an incredibly diverse line of scarves to complete your look during the colder months of the school year. Available in each house colours, and including six different wear styles and twenty sizes per style (that’s 120 scarves per pack!). You are sure to find something that suits your need!

WizardingFaireHatLast but not least, in celebration of Diagon Alley, FATEplay is releasing this “Damodore” hat as a free gift to all those that attend this opening Wizarding Faire event. Enjoy :)

The Wizarding Faire event is hosted on the Mischief Managed sim, visit today!

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