FATEplay Loves Geeks ‘n’ Nerds



FATEplay is excited to take part in the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event with a range of Doctor Who themed outfits. Each outfit is materials enhanced and comes in a few colour variations matching different looks seen on the show. Visit the event to find these outfits and more! (opens Sunday 24th November)

blogFATEplay - David - FATEpack“David” is an outfit matching the most iconic looks of the Tenth Doctor, with a long trench and loose fitting suit.

blogFATEplay - Billie - FATEpack “Billie” features a slightly fastened jacket over an iconic tee, paired with snug jeans.

blogFATEplay - Matt - FATEpack “Matt” is the Eleventh Doctor, with trademark bowtie and suspenders. The blazer is optional.

blogFATEplay - Karen - FATEpack“Karen” is the main companion for Matt and sports a layered shirt and jacket look with a denim mini skirt.

I hope you enjoy these offerings! Visit the event to find these outfits and more!

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