20 Personal Questions SL Meme

I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but I thought it would be nice to share and give readers a little insight on who Damien Fate is, and why I am here. This meme was started by Strawberry Singh.

1. When and how did you discover Second Life?
Back in 2003 I was getting bored of playing another online game (TFC) and decided to look around for something new. I was big into doing 3D artwork at the time and found Second Life advertised as a free mmo which you could build 3D objects in. I thought it would be neat to do my art in SL and have people actually see and interact with it.

2. Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them?
I had never played another virtual world before, so this was the first.

3. Has Second Life met your expectations?
It exceeded expectations, sort of. While I initially saw it as somewhere to showcase my 3D work I did not see it as an opportunity to earn a living (or any of the other things that happened). Though I typically just do more commercial items like clothing and such now.

4. If you could teleport back to the first ten minutes of your avatar’s slife, what would you tell yourself?
How to open a product box without looking like a box-headed fool. I’d keep the rest of the journey a secret.

5.  How long did it take you to master avatar flying and driving vehicles inworld?
Orientation Island back in 2003 had flying as the last lesson, it was a really awesome experience. You actually had to fly to the exit point before you could even leave the island, so mastering was a necessity!

6. Do you have a mystery alt?
I have some alts that I use for modelling/testing products, but that’s about it. None that I play or create on in the shadows.

7. Is your SL avatar a reflection of you, or someone you wished you could be?
My avatar acts the same as me mostly, maybe a bit less shy in social settings. As far as appearance, I wish!

8. Is there an individual you met in SL that inspired you in your RL? How?
There are plenty of extremely talented individuals that have inspired me over the years Francis Chung made me want to be a better scripter, Nephelaine Protagonist made me want to improve my photoshop skills for making clothes, and the late Eddie Escher made me want to be a better builder.

9. Do you feel it is easier to create stronger bonds/relationships with people you meet inworld as opposed to the real world?
This goes back to me being less shy in a virtual setting, which makes it easier to meet new people and create relationships. I’m not incredibly social in either life though, really.

10. Did you ever imagine or believe people could fall in love with someone they never met before Second Life?
Ask my wife, Washu Zebrastripe :P

11. How has your perspective of dating changed (or not) since you started playing second life?
No change really, Washu and I have been together since 2004 :)

12. How has your perspective of employment changed (or not) since you started playing second life?
I had never imagined being able to do what I love – create 3D things – and make a living from it before Second Life. I wouldn’t even consider myself employed and now couldn’t imagine going and doing a regular job when in reality you can find a living in so many different ways.

13. Name three things in both your lives that overlap each other significantly.
My wife is present in both worlds, as is the way I make a living. I have also made some friends that I consider both RL and SL friends, even if we don’t live nearby.

14. If you could live your life more immersively in a virtual world, would you?
I wouldn’t mind more immersive virtual experiences, but to live a life that way would be a bit much.

15. How do you think behavior changes for people if they’re inworld vs in real world? Why do you think that is?
The same way that people behave in other online communities, you can either become a troll, be yourself, be aggressive. Depends on the person really.

16. How has second life consumerism changed your perception of spending habits, the value of money, the need to be “bleeding edge” with fashion?
I’ve never been much of a spender in RL, I’m not materialistic at all and there is never anything that I feel I truly want. The same goes for Second Life, with the addition of being able to make pretty much anything I would want anyway, that’s probably how most of products come about – something I wanted and decided to make.

17. Do you think virtual worlds like SL drive and redefine human interaction or do they narrow and limit it?
It’s not as bad as Facebook where people clamour for likes, at least it feels more like face to face interaction for the most part.

18. If technology progressed tomorrow to allow you to send emotions to people the way you’d send text or voice messages, would it enrich your SL experience or infringe on it?
Indifferent to this, since I don’t really socialise in SL anyway.

19. Name three skills you attribute to having learned or honed in second life alone.
I had no knowledge of scripting of any kind before Second Life, I could say I’ve honed my modelling skills since starting, especially since it has been over 10 years!

20. If your grand kids googled your Second Life Avatar’s name, would they be intrigued, disgusted, proud or something else?
They’d learn why their dad is called Linden :D

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