FATEstep Update & New FATEplay Items

Hi everyone!

FATEstep launched over a month ago and it has been very well received, thank you for that! I have also been given some suggestions to improve the store, so here are some updates for FATEstep :)

1. All shoes that worked with default feet now include an ‘unrigged’ version, this version can be scaled. If the package doesn’t specify an unrigged version and *does* include a default version, then the default version is already unrigged and scaleable.

2. Added socks to the “Sock HUD” package. I tried to make it clear that the Sock HUD was just a HUD and not the socks, but unfortunately it was still confusing to some. To fix this I have now included physical sock attachments with the Sock HUDs, though these socks probably won’t layer with any of the shoes, but at least you can wear them without if you like :)

To receive an update simply visit the FATEstep store in world and use the redelivery terminal.


Updates aside, the FATEplay & FATEstep post-apocalyptic releases for the recent “The End” event are now available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location.

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