FATE Hand Poser – Now Available to Pose Your Bento Enabled Hands!

Hello and welcome to the FATE Hand Poser!

An unfortunate reality of hands in Second Life is that for too long they have been limited to just a couple of built in poses which can cause issues for great photography or interacting with objects in a realistic manner.

With this in mind I created this Hand Poser HUD to provide a simple and intuitive interface for posing your Bento enabled hands in a position that works best for your needs.

This HUD requires Bento enabled hands to work.

Step 1. Wear the FATE Hand Poser HUD

Step 2. Simply click and drag sliders on the HUD to pose them

Step 3. If you like, you can save your pose by clicking SAVE

Step 4. You can apply a preset by clicking the preset button.

You can show/hide either hand on the HUD to minimise screen clutter, you can also use this technique to apply presets to just one of the two hands for more mix and match possibilities.

Available now on the marketplace!

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