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Meet Bob the Bunny. He looks a lot like a Loco Pocos avatar, he isn’t, but he did inspire the entire tiny revolution in SL.

Bob and his friends are the stars of Tiny Nation, a machinima series created by ILLclan Animation Studios. Paul Jannicola and Kerria Seabrooke of ILLclan approached me to create a line of custom tiny avatars for their show, and Bob & co. were the results.

My original brief was to create a bunny, that was cute, yet tough and of course – tiny! These images were on my design brief!

I blended these ideas in my head, and on a scrap of paper, I sketched what would become Captain Bob.

Then, it was a case of bringing Bob into Second Life. I had to completely redesign the way tinies worked in SL to create one with limbs that could articulate. You can’t be much use in a militia without the use of your hands, you know? :)

Bob went through 4 passes before being finalised. The first iteration was sharp and angular, dark set eyes and very mean looking overall… Bob was softened out a bit, lightened up and given a little bit of a smile before he was camera ready. You can watch his escapades in the multi-award winning machinima, Tiny Nation! (Highly recommended!)

Captain Bob had a special HUD created, one which could be used by the puppeteer or director to change his facial expressions and eye positions. This was the start of something. I went with this idea and developed Bob futher, outside of Tiny Nation. He became “Benny”, the first Loco Pocos avatar.

Tinies are not like regular avatars. Their bodies are not comprised of the regualr avatar mesh, they cannot use skins or clothes like regular avatars. All customisation for tinies was manual, using the build tools and other confusing parts of Second Life. So this is where I started making a list, of all the things I would like to control through a HUD, and how I could make an avatar that was outside of SL norms, yet as intuitive… if not more intuitive to customise!

I cam up with a scripting system and a HUD that could accept any information from any attachment for your Loco Pocos avatar. This was big. Through several months of scripting I had completed Benny, and he was awesome! He could do anything a regular avatar could and more.

I felt so strongly that Loco Pocos could be something special, that I bought a new island JUST for that product. But of course, I was not content with just having a store sitting on a relatively empty island, so I crafted a storyline around Loco Pocos Island and the visitors to it over time.

To date, Loco Pocos is over 2 years old, has over 100 unique avatars and probably 1,000 unique accessories. Each avatar comes with at least 4 unique skins, 12 eye colours and every accessory is fully customisable with built in colours too. The possibilities for Loco Pocos tinies are as endless as any regular avatar in Second Life – it was tinies reinvented!

I continue to maintain Loco Pocos Island and run seasonal events which prove quite popular, especially the Halloween Trick or Treat event, during which we have given away thousands of free avatars!

Visit Loco Pocos Island today!

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