All About: Smart.

I have always enjoyed thinking up ideas for gadgets.

Smart was originally part of “Mirada”, a blanket brand we had for all kinds of products including but not limited to hair, gadgets, avatars and clothing. The first gadget I had created was the “mirada SmartHUD”, and as an homage I decided to call the branched out gadget store “Smart.”

The SmartHUD is OLD, released in 2004. The first iteration of the smartHUD was simply a HUD that would let you access the facial animations and dances etc that were hidden away behind menus, text commands and strange gesture systems built into Second Life. It wasn’t pretty, but it was very popular.

I decided to develop the smartHUD further, it was a great exercise for me to learn scripting, so I added some extra features, most notable additions were the Screen FX and Avatar FX options!

Now you could express yourself in more ways than just the built in animations, you could also overlay special effects onto your screen – for example you could make it look like it was raining, or snowing, or even put Second Life into a widescreen mode! There was no other HUD of this kind at the time, and it was fun to see all the pictures people were taking in SL with their enhanced views!

Another fun gadget I made was the “go-shop”, it’s creation was spurred by the land crisis going on at the time. It was during the time of land barons, and land prices were rising higher than they had ever been. This was a big hindrance to people wanting to sell products, and SLExchange was not around to help out. So I created a portable vendor.

The way it worked, was you would wear a device on your avatar’s arm. If someone was to touch the device, a vendor with all your products would rez next to the person, showing your products. It would disappear again once it had been idle for a set time.

This product was also quite popular, though in all honesty it was not the best scripting job I ever did – the setup process was arduous, so I quickly reduced the price to L$0 so anyone could have a copy. I sometimes think about reviving it again sometime, maybe I will?

I’m also a big fan of special effects, I love doing particles and using prims in interesting new ways to make effects in SecondLife that you don’t see everywhere. My passion for this lead to the creation of the ARCs (Alternate Reality Chambers), which your avatar can enter and experience otherworldly things. Such as floating in space, laying on the bottom of the ocean or the burning infernos of Hell.

There is also an expanding line of full permission special effects I make available at Smart, for those who want to add a little extra life to their creations!

Smart. is definitely a brand I will keep up to date with whatever little things I think of, visit Smart. today to see what’s new!

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