UPDATE: FATEeyes v2.0

FATEeyes, the infinitely customisable mesh eye has received an enormous update, bringing it to version 2.0

Below is a quick changelog for version 2.0, enjoy!

– HUD has been rearranged for easier use.
– Eyes now have a more complete spherical shape, which will help make them more compatible with a wider variety of avatars.
– Added a new layer, ‘iris edge’. It has no texture options, but can be tinted and the alpha can be changed to add extra colour to your iris.
– Added a new layer, ‘effects’. Lots of extra options in here, like tears, blood and circuitry.
– Increased the texture options from 45 to 288 (48 for each eye part!) which also increased the possible combinations from 34,992 to a crazy
12,230,590,464 (not including colour variations!)
– Added tabs to the texture options part of the HUD, including ‘custom’
– Added ability to create your own custom textures in the custom tab for each eye part.
– You can now hide or show the HUD using the the hide button and then clicking on the FATEdesign logo to show again. Though the HUD is very
high on script count so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to largely populated areas.
– Added a preview icon for saved eye presets.
– Added ability to freeze eyes by themselves, great for photos.
– Added ability to rotate eyes to any direction you like!
– Added rotation buttons to texture properties.
– You can now view the current RGB vector.
– The built in presets no longer rescale your eyes :)
– Fixed an issue with saving cat/goat eyes not changing the pupil dilation
mode correctly.
– Fixed an issue with the full bright and shine buttons being mixed up :-/

Purchase today and receive free updates, I plan to expand on this product :)

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing this video, though please note it is outdated now!

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