FATEcreate Mesh templates – Closing Down

My “FATEcreate” mesh templates have been available for over a year now. I spent months before mesh went live on the grid working on creating something that would help people embrace mesh, without really knowing what people would truly need from mesh clothing  I settled upon two sizes that I made up myself. For women there was ‘average’ and ‘curvy’. For guys there was ‘average’ and ‘muscular’.

Not too long after I launched FATEcreate I moved on to doing clothing with coldLogic and pretty much abandoned mesh templates. By that time the residents of SL were more clear in what they wanted, we had a ‘standard sizing initiative’ – controversial as it may be, it a godsend for me. I could create items that had a wider appeal and fit more people than my silly two-size-only versions.

Later in the year we got the male standard sizes, which came just in time for me to start up the FATEwear project again. There was much learned over the year, and while FATEcreate templates were still available (and later much reduced in price), I feel they no longer live up to the standard of mesh. In my opinion, they probably do more harm than good now, given how much all mesh creators have progressed with modeling, rigging and especially in the sizing department.

In conclusion, I will not be FATEcreate mesh templates for sale anymore. Fashion moves quickly and they definitely look aged. So I will be phasing them out shortly.



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