Damien Fate’s Profile

Hi there, my name is Damien Fate. I have been in Second Life since November 6th, 2003! I have been constantly churning out content pretty much every day between then and now, innovating and taking part in big projects!

DamienFate.com is all about my involvement in Second Life. Sure, I started this blog a bit late into my career, but I will do my best to share what’s new and even spread some knowledge and techniques that I have learned in my 7+ years in SL!

As a long time user of Second Life, I’ve had a long time to learn all the tools available. I can build, texture, animate, script and sculpt to very high degrees, often combining all of these techniques to create products to a very polished standard.

I am very happily married in RL to Washu Zebrastripe, who I actually met in SL back in 2004, we have a son together, Linden who is now over a year old. I’m a very happy man!

Read on to learn about my product lines in Second Life


One of my most well known brands is Loco Pocos, a line of super-customisable tiny avatars based on animals and other fantasy creatures. Loco Pocos was started on July 9th, 2008 and just celebrated it’s 2nd birthday. To date there are over 100 unique Loco Pocos avatars and thousands of accessories.

There are hundreds of Loco Pocos product developers in Second Life which give the line of avatars limitless customisation options and a constant supply of new and exciting things to do!

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[Random Crap] is the culmination of all the misfit products I’ve made in Second Life, either for fun or leftover items that were custom-made for machinima shoots/builds where I was able to retain the rights to the creations. The products in this line vary wildly, from Pool Tables to Human Arm Scarves, from Ashtrays to Peanut Bowls.

[Random Crap] is also host to my line of sculpt kits. These packs offer very high quality sculpted prims for use in creating your own products. Each pack generally has 3 full permission texture options per prim, for unrivaled ease upon purchase!

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Smart. is home to all things Gadgets and Effects. I love creating little avatar gadgets that make Second Life easier and more fun, I also love creating special effects.

In Smart. You can find products like the smartHUD, a tool which puts gestures and facial animations at your fingertips, and enhances your SL view with special screen overlay effects and magical avatar effects that are both fun and practical.

Also available are some special effects that I created myself, using combinations of clever scripts and interesting sculpted prims to make visuals that you don’t see every day in Second Life.

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