FATElashes v1.0 Now Available!

April 27th, 2016

The FATElashes provide limitless customisation and a perfect fit for your eyelash requirements.

The built in fitting system automatically mirrors changes, or use the build tool and reflect your fit from the left to right eye.

Change the length, colour, texture, fade, glow, alpha and more with simple sliders on an intuitive HUD

Save your favourite lashes in the presets tab!

Purchase today and receive free updates.

FATE Eye Poser v2.0

March 26th, 2016


New to v2.0, the FATE Eye Poser HUD now can pose other nearby avatars. Also a minimise/maximise feature has been added. This HUD works with any and all eyes in Second Life, even default avatars, try it out!

FATE Eye Poser v1.0 Released

March 17th, 2016

One frustrating aspect of taking pictures in SL is controlling your avatar’s eyes, they always want to look in some random position.

With this in mind I created this FATE Eye Poser HUD to provide a simple and intuitive interface for locking your eyes in a position that works best for your photo, it even allows individual eye control!

This HUD works with any and all eyes in Second Life, even default avatars, try it out!

12th RezDay 50% SALE!

November 5th, 2015

My 12th SL birthday is coming up and I thought I’d celebrate by throwing a sale on all FATE items! Visit FATEisland between November 6th and November 16th for big 50% savings on all FATEwear, FATEplay and FATEstep items. Don’t miss out!

FATE Rezday Sale

Also stay tuned for something new coming soon ;)


New Shoes @ FATEstep

August 9th, 2015

Hi everyone! Today at FATEstep we have two new contrasting sets of shoes for women, one very sharp and one soft. Available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location. Enjoy :)

FATEstep - Janie PumpsFATEstep - Marlowe Pumps
The Janie and Marlow pumps are soft in design with a cute bow on the back, all of the faces can be customised to your liking :)

FATEstep - Olivia Reverse HeelsFATEstep - Quorra Reverse Heels
The Olivia and Quorra reverse heels are very striking with sharp angles and featuring no heel. They can be split toned down the middle for a truly bold look.

FATEplay Takes to the Skies at Wizarding Faire 2015

July 12th, 2015

FATEplay - Wizarding Faire 2015

The Wizarding Faire us upon us once more and FATEplay is excited to be taking part again this year! We are offering some spiffy Quidditch player gear with animated cape and broom attachment for that truly authentic experience.

Head on down to Expecto today and grab these event exclusive items :)

FATEplay - Wright - Coming SoonFATEplay - Swiftwind - Coming Soon

Summer Solstice Sale with FATE and coldLogic!

June 21st, 2015

Summer officially begins NOW, and what better way to kick it off than with a massive sale across all the FATE brands and coldLogic. Come on down to the main store today and enjoy a MASSIVE 50% discount on all products in store and get your Summer started in style!

FATEwear Summer Solstice Sale

New Summer FATEwear Releases

June 3rd, 2015

FATEwear is back with a Summer release featuring a new relaxed tank hoodie shirt and cargo pants that can also be worn as shorts! See the pictures below. Available now online at themarketplace or at the main store location. Enjoy :)

FATEwear Shirt - Craig - FATEpack
FATEwear - Pants+Shorts - Brian - FATEpack
FATEwear Shirt - Phillips - FATEpack
FATEwear - Pants+Shorts - Belo - FATEpack


Available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location. Enjoy :)

FATEstep Update & New FATEplay Items

May 5th, 2015

Hi everyone!

FATEstep launched over a month ago and it has been very well received, thank you for that! I have also been given some suggestions to improve the store, so here are some updates for FATEstep :)

1. All shoes that worked with default feet now include an ‘unrigged’ version, this version can be scaled. If the package doesn’t specify an unrigged version and *does* include a default version, then the default version is already unrigged and scaleable.

2. Added socks to the “Sock HUD” package. I tried to make it clear that the Sock HUD was just a HUD and not the socks, but unfortunately it was still confusing to some. To fix this I have now included physical sock attachments with the Sock HUDs, though these socks probably won’t layer with any of the shoes, but at least you can wear them without if you like :)

To receive an update simply visit the FATEstep store in world and use the redelivery terminal.


Updates aside, the FATEplay & FATEstep post-apocalyptic releases for the recent “The End” event are now available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location.

New FATEstep Footwear!

May 2nd, 2015

Hi everyone!

Very happy to share with you the first in-store new release for FATEstep which includes two new wedge heels and two new sandals (which are unisex). All them work with default avatars, Slink and Maitreya feet. Check them out, available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location.

FATEstep - Epps Sandals
FATEstep - Wilde Sandals
The Epps and Wilde Sandals come with 60 textures, 30 of which are SANDY with appropriate materials. Perfect for that beach look :D

FATEstep - Jessie Wedges
FATEstep - Jessica Wedges
The Jessica and Jessie Wedges are great for the warmer weather, each features their own 60 different textures. Check out the alternate ‘striped’ version of the textures for Jessica for a truly unique look.

I hope you enjoy these items, available now online at the marketplace or at the main store location. Enjoy :)